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Information Security Policy

As a leading company in the field of vision inspection solutions, MicroTechnica Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) has established this “Information Security Policy” to protect information assets such as customer systems and data, as well as all information assets held by our company in the course of business, from various threats such as unauthorized access, crime, negligence, and disaster, so that customers can use the services of our company with peace of mind.

1. Compliance with laws, regulations, and contracts

Our company will comply with laws and regulations related to information security, as well as other social norms, and contracts that have been concluded with customers.

2. Establishment of a management system

Our company shall appoint an Information Security Officer who holds authority and responsibility for all information security matters, and we will establish a system for realizing systematic and effective information security activities.

3. Development of regulations and monitoring systems

Our company has developed the internal regulations necessary to ensure information security, has made these internal regulations known throughout the company, and has established a system for self-inspection and internal audits of our compliance with our internal regulations.

4. Implementation of measures

In order to appropriately manage and protect information assets, our company will take measures from organizational, human, physical, technical, and other aspects to prevent and control the manifestation of information security risks.

5. Evaluation and improvement activities

In order to maintain and improve information security standards, our company periodically evaluates our internal rules, processes, as well as our management measures, and if necessary, receives audits from external organizations.

6. Training

In order to properly manage and protect information assets, our company will provide all personnel who handle information assets with necessary training.

7. Management of external contractors

When outsourcing any of our business is required, our company shall select external contractors after judging their eligibility and other matters in relation to information security, and shall enter into appropriate agreements such as non-disclosure agreement with such external contractors

8. Response to information security incidents and accidents

In the unlikely event that an information security incident or accident occurs, or if there are signs of such an incident, our company will take prompt action to minimize damage, investigate the cause, and take necessary preventive measures.

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