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Message from CEO

Message from CEO


President and CEO 
Takehito Tsuchiya

In 1981, none of us even know the term “information society”, MicroTechnica was born into this world with the aim of establishing image processing technologies and vision inspection systems and we have developed and grown together with society in an era of rapid change.
Starting with the electronic parts industry, we have been expanding our business domain to printing, pharma, food/beverage, and further into the logistics industry. We have developed, produced, and sold a wide range of vision inspection systems that flexibly respond to various customer’s requirements including not only 2D vision systems for characters, labels, visual inspection, and contamination inspection, but also 3D systems for depalletizing and picking. From development through on-site implementation supports to maintenance, we can provide you with the full supports in the project.
As the society changes, its demands and challenges are also changing. Now, in order to respond flexibly to smartification, diversification, and globalization, “NEW” vision data is being required from the market. We will continue to work on the development of new technologies and services to face up to this rapid-changing environment and the system construction to meet the customer’s needs, and to contribute broadly to society as “system integrator”.

We thank you for your interest and continued supports.

Best regards,

CEO Takehito Tsuchiya

Our Core Principles

  • Achieve a healthy organizational culture
  • Constantly challenge ourselves to create new products and ideas
  • Have cultural and technical aspirations

management vision

  • Social mission
       Foster a vibrant and open-minded corporate culture and contribute to society as a company with dignity.
  • Ideal vison
       Strive for continuous technological innovation and providing products that make use of advanced technological capabilities.
  • Values
       While continuing to provide new and valuable products that will be a delight to customers we would like to be a company that continues to change togrether with customers. 

Quality Policy

  • Strive to enhance communication with customers
  • Achieve an ideal balance between quality improvement and cost reduction
  • Improve maintenance services
  • Provide environmentally friendly products and services.

Employee Code of Conduct

  1. We will aim to achieve a compassionate and environmentally friendly society.
  2. We will aim to always improve ourselves and be a company that coexists and prospers with society.
  3. We will engage in corporate activities with passion and a desire to take on new challenges.
  4. We will comply with laws, regulations, as well as internal regulations and be self-aware and responsible in our actions.
  5. We will create a work environment in which employees are able to demonstrate their different personalities and capabilities.
  6. We will aim to achieve an environmentally friendly workplace that is free of “Muri, Muda, Mura”
    (overburden, waste, and unevenness).
  7. We will maintain good order, tidiness, and cleanliness to create a clean and healthy workplace.
  8. We will be conscious of quality and be considerate of safety and reliability in our actions.
  9. We will aim to achieve customer satisfaction through “products + services.”
  10. We will aim to be an “open company” that is fair and highly transparent.

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