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Inspection Solutions

Inspection Solutions

Machine vision inspection for production lines. For industries requiring high quality standards, our unique image processing algorithm enables to perform precise quality inspection for characters and has earned deep trust from our customers.

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Board Products

Various types of image input boards are available with applications incl. multimedia, surveillance and FA. Boards compatible with industrial camera interface are also available. Prioritizing long-term supply, we always maintain the quality and availability of our products.

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Industrial Cameras

MicroTechnica is an authorized distributor of IDS industrial cameras. Mainstream products are USB cameras and GigE cameras featured with fast data transfer, connectivity, compactness, lightweight, high precision. Accessories are also available.

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3D Solutions

Mutiple options: MyScannerPro (Phase Shift Method); ENSENSO (New Projected Texture Stereo Vision); ProCMM (NDI Inc.) 3D Coordinate measuring machines (CMM), non-contact scanner (Scan TRAK). Specialized in many markets incl. automobile parts and logistics.

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Track and Trace

Track & Trace

In recent years, importance of supply chain management focusing on anti-counterfeiting has been increased and manufacturers are now required to implement sufficient traceability system. To meet the requirements, we offer optimized serialization solutions.

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Robot Products

We can propose systems utilizing industrial collaborative robot(s) not requiring safety fence developed by Universal Robots A/S (Denmark).

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Depalletizing System

3D processing technology solution specifically for logistics. Automates depalletizing processes just by installing 3D Vision System and articulated arm robots. Also for randomized object locations, smart 3D Vision can detect its position and control the robot move.

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Vision Devices

We introduce video signal converters made by MicroTechnica. Please refer to the following link for the ful list of the products.

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Wholesale Products

We also sell a variety of wholesale products. Please refer to the following link for the full listing of the products.

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