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Area Camera Inspection System

  • Printing
Area Camera Inspection System

Recognize and inspect printed variable characters on captured images

High-speed readability inspection in a limited field width of 100 mm to 150 mm.
It can be installed in-line with printing machines, inkjet printers, and processing machines that operate at speeds from 100 m/min to 300 m/min (A4 pitch spacing) for high-speed readability inspection of OCR, barcodes, and QR codes.
We have a long track record of providing a variety of inspection equipment for printing companies.
We can provide customized inspection equipment suitable for various printing production lines, from analog to digital printing machines and processing machines such as collators.

Unlike packaged inspection equipment, we can offer the system tailor-made for your requirements. For examples, it can be used for production management purposes with number management function, and it is also able to control printing machines/processing machines when failures occur.
Our system not only works as a readability checker but also provides you with more flexible functions such as number management and control of defective products in response to your operations. This differentiates our product from others.

Product Features

  • OCR, barcodes, and QR code inspection in postcard sized field of view (150 mm)
  • Readability inspection at up to 300 m/min (A4 pitch spacing)
  • Reconciliation with planned data (CSV)
  • Customized to match your operations
  • Constructed to be most suitable for various printing and processing machines

Use Cases

Inspection of single paper such as postcards

5M area camera captures images for inspection in FOV of 160 mm.
Control number printed on postcards is read to reconciliate the infromation with planned data as a part of addressing activities, and then the information can be saved in CSV format.
This system handles a series of tasks ranging from printing personal information to inspections and logging.

Inspection of single paper such as postcards


  • Achieve high-speed reading and inspection at 8 sheets/sec (30,000 postcard-sized items per hour).
  • Readability inspection for a wide range of items: OCR text/non-OCR text/barcodes (NW7/JAN/CODE128)/QR/customer barcodes.
  • Various sequential number inspection (ascending/descending order settings, and reconciliation with CSV Data)
  • Be capable of communicating with various machines by signaling. It can help machine to manage defective items (machine stops/cycle stops/rejects), or help conveyor to manage spacing between items.

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