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Company of Unravelling Image Processing Technology

unravelling image processing technology.

Since established in 1981, We have been developing and supplying vision systems (image inspection system) for production lines in various industries. Especially for quality inspections of printed characters, we have been supplying numerous systems with our exclusive image processing algorithm for the printing, pharmaceutical and food industries that require high quality on vision inspection.

In recent years, concerns have been tremendously raised over “reliability” and “safety” among companies. Regarding the ongoing food fraud incidents, “quality control” is now an important management factor for the future of the company.

As a growing number of companies are actively working on quality improvement, we have gained deep trust from companies in various industries. This is simply because of our technology that have an advantage in handling variable information unable to detect in a single way such as data which has variable printing patterns at each occasion.

Apart from this main business, we also develop image input boards and peripherals fundamental to image inspection systems. These products are supplied to companies and personal users directly or through agencies.

As a company of technical experts with craftsmanship, we aim to develop further and add values such as after-sales services and full-set solutions.

Management Concept

  • Aim to be a sound corporate
  • Challenge new issues
  • Keep aspiration after culture and technology

Quality Policy

  • Keep close communication with customers
  • Aim for quality improvement and cost saving
  • Aim for improvement in maintenance services

Code of Conduct

  1. We aim for a society of humaneness and eco-friendliness.
  2. We keep aspiration after self-improvement and prosperous co-existence with society.
  3. We engage in our activities with eagerness and courage.
  4. We comply with the laws and our internal policy and act with self-awareness and responsibility.
  5. We make good work environment to accomodate diverse individualities and abilities.
  6. We improve our workplaces for eco-friendliness and efficiency.
  7. We aim for clean and healthy workplaces.
  8. We prioritize quality, safety and reliance.
  9. We enhance customer satisfaction by adding values to our products.
  10. We aim for an “open corporate” of fairness and high transparence.