Our Strengths

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Leading Company of Machine Vision


We MicroTechnica offer decent services to the customers by applying our accumulated advanced technology and competence to arising complicated problems and tasks.

Our management concept, based on strong confidence and pride in achievements, is that "We prioritize customer demands".

Today, in no matter what industry, growing concerns for reliability and safety have made “quality control” and “efficiency” the most important factors for management. Along with this trend, we finely support business of customers with our thorough solutions and customer care services.

Knowledge to Turn Impossible into Possible

For image processing technology, there can be numerous solutions in accordance to objects and conditions. In practice, meanwhile, it is required to examine immense technology combinations deriving from the concurrences of conditions.

Here the points are “speed” and “precision”. It is essential to select the best technology combination for compatibility of maximization in processing speed and the enhancement in recognition precision.

Through enormous case studies accumulated in our history, we have established a system that enables to make the best results in any complicated situation. With this, we are emphatically coping with new issues emerging in the changing times.

Solutions:This is one of the reasons we are the leading company of image processing solutions.Speed & Accuracy:The more variations you have in knowledge, the faster and more precise solutions you can find out.Abundant Knowledge:As we are the company with history of image processing, we have various methods in our knowledge.

Human Resources as Competence

In whatever situation of image processing technology, a decisively important fact is the ability of “awareness”.

Being aware of the customers, circumstances, idea implicitly requires a broad extent of knowledge and sufficient information. Those who are experienced can be responsible to the solution.

Rich experience makes dependable statement. This is the strength of MicroTechnica.

  • Planning

    We make elaborate communication, array issues and design devices.
    In response to our customers’ demands, our creative idea finds the answer for the actual complicated issues.
  • Development

    In practice, various external factors impact the precision of image processing, which causes high frequency of modification and adjustment.
    Facing with new issues in practce, we flexibly make development and high performance.
  • Support

    A support service gives priority to speed and precision. Therefore we figure out the problem in the shortest way to find the solution.