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Bitmap Inspection System

  • Printing
Bitmap Inspection System

Extract density, and detect various defects such as dirt of high speed color printing.

Our bitmap inspection equipment performs “verification of full variable printing by setting printing variable data as a good data”.
Instead of registering a single good item as master, this device can take variable data as a good data to allow for verification on all pages of variable printing.

Product Features

  • Variable pattern inspection based on print data
  • Achieve off-line variable pattern inspection using RIP software (Text and Graphics Inc., etc.)
  • Variable pattern inspection at 300 DPI
  • Simultaneously perform multiple inspections: Readability check for OCR, barcodes, and QR codes, pattern inspection as well as front-to-back verification

Inspection Methods

In-line real-time method

Receive BMP/TIFF data from a printer in real time, and against which the camera-captured image are inspected.

Off-line standalone RIP method

Convert PDF for printing to TIFF/BMP with software (Text and Graphics Inc. etc.) and conduct inspection.

Pattern Inspection

The pattern inspection system varies depending on the registration/type of correct data (BMP/TIFF format).

Pattern Inspection Type

It can be roughly divided into "fixed pattern inspection" and "variable pattern inspection".

Pattern Inspection Type

In-line real time RIP method

In-line pattern inspection: Inspection based on BMP data from a printer

In-line real time RIP method

Pattern inspection using image data generated by printer RIP

Compare the BMP data from the printer with CIS-captured image. Because the BMP data from the printer is used as a good data, full variables can be inspected.

Standalone RIP method

Off-line pattern inspection *Conversion of PDF is required.

Standalone RIP method

Pattern inspection using image data generated by standalone RIP server

  • A print-ready PDF is converted into image inspection data (TIFF) by a standalone RIP server, and against which the CIS-captured image is inspected.
  • The RIP device must be installed separately.

Other Inspection Functions

In addition to pattern inspection, bitmap inspection equipment can simultaneously perform readability inspection for OCR, barcodes, and QR codes.

Blank inspection Blank inspection
Ruled line inspection Inspect for dot missing caused by the printhead misalignment or clogging.
OCR inspection Readability check for characters (OCR etc.)
Barcode inspection 1D barcode readability inspection: ITF/JAN/NW7/CODE39
QR code inspection 2D barcode readability inspection: Version 1 to 6

Use Cases

Use Cases

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