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Conveyor Integrated Inspection System
- CIS Camera Version

  • Printing

Uses a 300 mm CIS to allow for simultaneous reading and inspection of both sides of paper from A4 to A3 sizes

A multi-use inspection device that handles a range of tasks from reading variable characters to scanning for data entry work.
Because it is an all-in-one device, it allows for inspection with less space, at low costs, and with easy operation.

External View

Pneumonic feeder gently feeds papers to the device to minimize the risk of scratches on paper.

External View


QR code readability inspection

Mark inspection

Blank space inspection

Reconciliation with planned data

Sequential number inspection/
duplicate check


Use Cases

Sequential number inspection Check printed serial number (in ascending/descending order).
Verification Verify the consistency among multiple values such as checking the printed characters against encoded data.
Data reconciliation Reconcile data with planned data in CSV format etc.
Pattern inspection Inspect for wrong infeed (reverse etc.) and contamination by registering the fixed pattern.
Sampling Read customer number and control number and identify the sampling targets to eject.
Postal sorting Mail sorting by postal code or specific number of items. *conveyor is essential as an option.

Multi-imposition on A3 size with variable information

Bulk inspection for a total of 45 locations

Multi-imposition on A3 size with variable information

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