Depalletizing System

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Depalletizing System

 Depalletizing system   Software developed specifically for robot vision system, enabling 3D recognition of cases with various shapes. Methods for shape acquisition and object recognition depend on the processing time and shape. We offer optimal customer-centered solutions based on your requests.

3D Point Cloud-based Individual Object Recognition

This recognition method is only available under the following conditions:

  • All the cases on a pallet have the same size.
  • Size information is available in advance.

3D camera scans the case position by using the point cloud method from the top.



  • Recognition of objects with the same size: 3D Coordinate Calculation for Pallet.
  • Recognition of objects stacked in random: 3D Coordinate Calculation for Bags.


Laser-based Individual Object Recognition

Depalletizing system laser 01 Depalletizing system laser 02 Depalletizing system laser 03

There is no need to pre-register for recognizing cases in various sizes! With pre-registration of minimum size and maximum size, the system accommodates all sizes of cases within the range pre-specified above.

Depalletizing system laser 04 Depalletizing system laser 05 Depalletizing system laser 06

Tilting surface of case/edge and center of gravity coordinate are calculated by the running laser.

Best solutions can be brought even under the following challenging conditions:

  • Cases oriented differently.
  • Cases have label(s) and/or slip(s) attached.

Contrast-based Individual Object Recognition

This method extracts edge of each object based on contrast of superior surface of cases.


Case Volume Calculation Unit

Length, width, and height of objects on a conveyer can be measured with accuracy. For height measurement, you can freely set up the reference plane.

Also, necessary measurements of area, inclination, and center of gravity coordinate of the superior surface of case to perform automated palletizing can be performed at once.


  • No case-shape registration required!
  • Easy connection with articulated robot!
  • Measurements: surface area, height, length, width; center of gravity; volume; rotation angle(θ)
  • Measurement time: ≦1 second
  • Measurement can be performed for tilted cases.
Height Measurement   Height Measurement
Height Measurement   Width/Length Measurement