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3D Solutions

Industrial Cameras

In recent years, computer performance has been growing up rapidly and its cost-effectiveness has also increased significantly. In these contexts, advanced image processing algorithm that was considered difficult to apply has become able to be used more easily.

We are in alliance with leading companies in the field of 3D technology and can offer a variety of 3D solutions.

Some of our excellent 3D products are shown as below:

  • MyScannerPro” Series: Stereo 3D camera with phase shift method.
  • ENSENSO”: Compact stereo 3D cameras with new projected texture stereo vision technique.
  • ProCMM (NDI Inc.)”: 3D coordinate measuring machines (CMM) with high accuracy; non-contact scanner applicable.

We also develop and propose various systems for the markets such as automobile parts and logistics. The following are our application examples of past success:

  • Bin picking system uniquely developed as a robot vision application system
  • Depalletizing system for cardboard boxes.

3D Scanners

3D scanners developed for robot vision application with the phase shift method. A variety of software is fully available.


3D Coordinate measuring machines “PROCMM”
NDI Inc. (Canada) provides portable 3D coordinate measuring system. For measurement, both non-contact 3D laser scanner and contact probe are available.


3D Scanner “MyScannerPro”
3D scanner developed for robot vision application with phase shift method.


3D Camera “ENSENSO”
Stereo 3D cameras with new stereo vision technique. A single shot makes it possible to capture 3D geometry.

Robot Vision: Bin Picking System

Bin Picking

Bin Picking

Offers robot vision systems for robotic bin picking. It recognizes individual parts from the pile.

3D Measurement Software

3D Measurement Inspection Software

3D Measurement/Inspection Software

Geomagic Studio enables faster and easier 3D creation followed by 3D processing based on acquired data from measuring machine.