High-Speed Character Inspection Device

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  • Easy operation and navigation
  • Reduction in false detections
  • Various validation support
  • Contirbutes to production management


Basic functions

  • High-speed and high-precision inspection with new image processing technology.
  • Maximum registrable products: 500.
  • Inspection speed: Max. speed 1000 products/min (with 16 characters in 2 rows).
  • High-speed digital camera applicable for accurate image processing in high-speed production lines.


  • Large touch panel (12.1 inches) contributes to user-friendly interface.
  • Inspection and operation history recordable in CF card and USB flash drive.
  • LED illumination removes complicated lighting modulation.
  • Available in-lot operations: changes in inspection parameters, font registration, re-inspection etc.

Various options

  • Outputs a wide variety of settings and histories.
  • Adapatable camera pixels: 0.3 MP, 0.8 MP, 1.3 MP and 2.0 MP.
Basic Specifications: Intel Processor; 2 Cameras Connectable (High-Speed Digital Camera); 16 Digital Inputs/Outputs; RS-232C
Inspection Specifications: Labeling Function; 15 Windows available; 500 Products registrable; Image Rotation (in 90 degrees increments); Production Volume Check
Memory: 100 Failed Images recordable; Re-inspection; In-Lot Fail Screen Display; Screen Storage in BMP format (CF card)
Operability: Touch Panel (TFT 12.1 inches, Color); Display Max. 1600 x 1200
Validation Support: Parameter Export to TXT file; Image Storage; Similarity Check for Heterogeneous Characters; Illumination Measurement
Security: Keylock (for Unintended Operation Prevention); ID/Password Entry [up to 20 IDs/Passwords registrable: Operator (OP), Supervisor (SV), Administrator (AD)]

Note) Above-mentioned specifications and design may be changed without prior notice.