Character Inspection Device

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  • Best for alphanumeric characters being printed in high-speed production lines!


  • Compliant with CSV (Computerized System Validation) Category 3.
  • Keeps its capability of high-precision inspection in high-speed lines by utilizing a new image processing engine.
  • Realizes small-space deployments by dividing the main unit and the operation monitor.
  • Outputs failed images, configuration images, parameters to txt files (SD, flash drive).
  • Optional: FileMan: VTB-CL attachable for recording all the images for traceability purpose.


Monitor Type: 12.1 inch Touch Panel
Position Correction: X/Y/XYAngle Offsets available
Number of Connectable Cameras: Max. 2
External Interface: DI/O, RS-232C
Valid Pixels: 0.3MP/0.8MP/1.3MP
CF Storage: Failed Images, Inspection Configurations, Inspection Features
Gray Scale: 256
Inspection Labels/Windows: 5 Windows available
Etc.: In-Lot Operator Accessibility, Security Features, Validation Support