Barcode Character Inspection Device

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  • Code & Character Inspection
  • Supports High-Speed Production Lines


  • Falls under Category 3 of CSV (Computerized System Validation).
  • Scans and compares the code and the characters.
  • Inspects the human readable formats.
  • Barcode scoring function available.
  • Compliant to ANSIx3.182
  • Compliant to the 2012 Guideline of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.


  • One high-resolution camera scans codes, humanreadable, characters.
  • Quality inspection, comparison of code and characters, code scoring.
  • Validation support functions and security features (ID/PASS control, touch panel lock).
  • Output functions available for failed images and configuration parameters.
  • Supports high-speed processing.
  • Registrable number of products: 112
  • Max. 2 cameras connectable.

Various options

  • Wide region of interest with 2MP/5MP camera.
  • Scans GS1-DataMatrix, GS1-128, etc.
  • Connectivity to the external record system "FileMan: VTB" and "FileMan: VTB-CL".

Note) Above-mentioned specifications and design may be changed without prior notice.