Number Comparison Device

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Number Comparison Device


  • Compares numbers by using cameras and barcode readers.
  • Able to specify digits and range of comparison targets (OCR, barcodes).
  • Compares the same numbers printed on multiple portions of the sheet.
  • Records the log of verification data and comparison results of OCR and barcodes.


Number of Connectable Cameras: 4
Number of Connectable BC Readers: 4
Number of OCRable Digits: With regular cameras:
15 Digits (Recognition Time within 30 msec per frame)
With high-definition cameras:
25 Digits (Recognition Time within 50 msec per frame)
Options: Printer Rack (for Operation Record)

Note) Number of connectable cameras and BC readers may vary depending on combination.

Inspection Objects

  • Courier slips etc. requiring comparison
  • Bills etc. requiring comparison for both front and back of inspection object
  • Cards etc. requiring OCR-recognized characters/barcode comparison

Inspection Items

Performs the following comparisons:

  • OCR to OCR
  • BC to BC
  • OCR to BC

Sales Proposal

We offer this optimal comparison inspection system for your business including hardware selection and software development based on your requirements specifications. Feel free to contact us for any questions and requests.